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Tips for Finding the Best Hospice Care in Los Angeles

Post by admin | November 14, 2018

Finding the right hospice care for your or a loved one can be a very stressful and difficult decision to make. It is also a very important one that takes time and careful consideration. Many families don’t even know what to look for when searching for a hospice. Here we have compiled some tips of what to look for when searching for hospice care los angeles.

What Is Hospice? Hospice is a medical service for patients that are considered to be terminally ill. Typically, those who are receiving hospice treatment are considered to be incurable. The goal of hospice workers is to help the patients be comfortable and alleviate any suffering. Hospice workers can care for you or your loved one in your own home. This allows the patients to stay in a familiar setting while receiving hospice care.

Payment Many people worry about how to pay for hospice care. Luckily, hospice care is fully covered by Medicare and Medicaid. If you don’t qualify for these programs, hospice care is also covered by most private insurers and by some HMOs.

Eligibility For a patient to begin to become eligible for hospice care, two doctors must certify that the patient has less than six months to live. Once this has been certified, the patient must then pick someone to be the hospice liaison. This person, usually a spouse or child, will make any decisions for the patient if and when they become unable to. In addition to being available and visiting patients often, hospice workers are also on call 24/7.

Services Offered Hospice care can include a very wide range of services. Hospice care can include everything from speech therapy to clergy members to home health aides. Figuring out the needs of a particular patient will be the job of the patient’s medical team. This team is typically made up of nurses, a patient’s primary care, a hospice doctor, a social worker and home health aides. This team will create a care plan that will help manage the patient’s symptoms and make sure that any needs are met with the necessary equipment, doctors and medication.

What To Look For: The main thing that you want to look for in hospice care is professionalism. Meeting nurses that you like and enjoy being around is also a good sign of the ones to go with for your hospice care.

How to Find the Best Hospice Care

Finding the best hospice care for you or a loved one can seem daunting, but luckily there are a variety of resources available that will make the search easier in the huge city of Los Angeles. Although the options may seem overwhelming, doing some light research and asking some questions can make the decision an easier one to make.

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Medicare Compare Search

Medicare has a great tool that is available to anyone. Simply type in “Los Angeles” into their location search bar and dozens of different agencies appear. There is a very handy option to add options that pique your interest to a compare list that can later be used to compare each agency and decipher which is best for you and your needs.

Contacting Agencies

To get a feel for the agencies you are finding on searches, it is a great idea to contact them personally. How they respond to your questions and treat you over the phone will give you an idea of how easy they are to work with and their level of professionalism. To get an even better feel, arrange a meeting with them to visit their agency and meet their staff.

Ask Around

To fully figure out how to find hospice care and to find the best hospice care, open up the conversation with people you know.

Ask you Healthcare Providers

This is a reliable way if you trust your doctors. They work in the industry and have plenty of knowledge of the best hospice care providers in the Los Angeles area, giving you a great starting point to finding the place best for you. Since they provide you care, they will also know which places will best meet your needs. This can help narrow down the search if you have already started one, or give you a place to go off of. They also will play a role in your hospice care plan as they have to certify that hospice care is necessary, getting their input will be helpful as they have or should have plenty of information. If they do not, they most likely know who to direct you to that does.

Ask your Insurance Providers

Insurance providers play a vital role in hospice care which is that they pay for it. It is wise to figure out which places they approve and do not approve of and which providers they cover care for. Not all insurance agencies cover all hospices and sometimes for good reason, it would not hurt to contact them for their opinion on which places are best.


A hospice care’s ratings can be very helpful when figuring out whether they are some of the best and deliver high-quality care. Reading reviews on the hospice providers in Los Angeles will paint an explicit picture as to whether the place is worth looking into or not based on the experiences other people have had.

Google Search

By doing a search on hospice care in Los Angeles, a list of agencies will appear with a star rating near their names. Higher star ratings on listings are worth investigating. Clicking on their reviews section will provide you with an entire list of experiences other people have had with the program. This is also a great way to learn about other aspects such as pricing, services, and other details. It is important to not only read the good reviews, but the bad as well so you can get a full idea of what the hospice care provider is like.

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