Five Star Difference

5 Stars

Why 5 Star Home Hospice?
5 Star is a well-respected healthcare provider who is accredited by The Joint Commission and fully dedicated to providing the highest quality hospice care to you or loved one. Our mission to provide the highest level of comfort to you or your loved one at an affordable cost. It is our priority to make patients feel the most comfortable, most dignified, and managing their pain while they are nearing the end of life.

There are many hospice providers to choose from, but a few qualities that differentiate Five Star Home Hospice from others:


Our approach to hospice care is different from others. We understand that each hospice patient is unique and requires dedicated time and attention to ensure that their specific needs and desires are met. We do not follow the “cookie cutter” or standardized approach to hospice care. Patients are not a number to us, rather they are a part of our extended family, and we strive to establish strong communication with our patients and family members to create a comprehensive approach that is patient-specific, and meets the needs of desired hospice expectations.


We strive to deliver care that treats their needs and cultivate a care plan that ensures that all of the patient’s needs and desires are fully met. The care plan is carefully created by our team that all work together to make sure every aspect of the patient’s care is covered. One size does not fit all, and therefore we treat our patients with that in mind at all times.


Our hospice services are available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. We understand the importance of being available and being able to reach our patients in a reasonable time. We have nurses who are staffed around the clock and readily available to assist our patients when there is a need. Five Star Hospice strives for efficiency and speedy delivery of our services.


Our hospice is well-equipped to serve the multicultural population of Los Angeles. We have staff that is fluent in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Armenian, Russian, Tagalog, Arabic, and Farsi. Five Star Home Hospice also has strong spiritual and psychological resources for our patients. With the knowledge that every patient is different, we do our best to make sure our staff and hospice program is able to accommodate a variety of differences. Just as our care is multi faceted and dynamic, so are our staff members.


Five Star Home Hospice takes great pride in its name and reputation. Our philosophy is simple: we let our reputation speak for itself. We are proud to be the preferred hospice provider to some of the most respected and elective hospitals in LA County. We are also extremely proud of the feedback and reviews that we have received from our patient’s loved ones describing our high quality care.Our online presence is highly regarded with ratings being reputable and reflective of a high quality hospice care program that strives to deliver the best care to our patients. Whether it is physicians, families, staff members, or patients, we are a program that gets great praise which we are very proud of.


Five Star Home Hospice works with some of the most reputable doctors and nurses in the industry. We have the medical expertise and knowledge to be able to handle the most difficult hospice cases. Our team consists of doctors who are experts in oncology, geriatrics, pain management and palliative care, many of whom have been doing hospice for over 20 years.


There are many different ways that care is needed and we like to consider all aspects, making 5 Star a multidimensional hospice care experience. With that in mind, we have an entire team dedicated to caring for the patient and what they need while under our care. 5 Star believes in a team effort, equipped with the most knowledgeable and respected staff around. We are dedicated to hospice home care and can assure you that our team is just as dedicated. Each sector of care works together to make sure that the patient is completely cared for.


As mentioned above, care is multi-faceted and 5 Star aims to provide care in that way. Members of our team are dedicated to providing care solely focused on their physical well being. These individuals include physicians, nurses, and home health aides. Physicians oversee and lead the patient’s medical care. They also are the key element in creating a care plan that is best for the patient. Nurses help carry out that plan and act as the eyes and ears for the hospice agency. They ensure that the patient is well cared for by making sure proper medications are administered, and they report any changes of the patient to the physician to ensure care is current. Home health aides help the patient do the day to day caring that is critical to a comfortable life such as bathing, shaving, walking, and other hygienic needs.


The other sector of care is dedicated to the mental, emotional, and spiritual well being of the patient. At 5 Star, we acknowledge that this section of care is just as important as caring for the physical and therefore we have staff in place that is dedicated to these needs. First, social workers visit the patient regularly and provide care aimed to their psychological and emotional needs. They provide a variety of care ranging from explaining insurance plans and coverages, to offering grief support. Spiritual counselors also offer emotional support, but also offer spiritual support by building a bridge between the patient and their respective religious community. Lastly, volunteers support both the patient’s physical and mental well being when family members are unavailable.

We believe that all the factors above create something we refer to as the “5 Star Difference.” We aim to provide the highest quality hospice care to all of our patients and do so by treating each patient individually with the help of our multidimensional team that is available 24/7. If you or a loved one needs care, please contact us. We are here and happy to help, come be a part of the 5 Star Difference.



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